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Bodegas Don Quijote has successfully passed the updated certifications BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety) and IFS (International Food Standard).
Both international standards guarantee that Bodegas Don Quijote complies with the highest level of demand in so important areas as Quality and Occupational Health and Safety. They also support our good know-how with environment and food safety in every single step of our production and manufacturing processes. These prestigious certification are synonymous with good practices at our facilities, not only in our own company, but also at the good relationship with providers and partners.
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Bodegas Don Quijote Receives Subsidy from Next Generation Funds for the Site of Solar Panels

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Bodegas Don Quijote has been selected as the benficiary of a grant for the installation

of solar panels, with the support of the Next Generation funds from the European Union.


This financing, aimed at promoting sustainability and innovation in European companies,

will allow us to continue a transition path towards clean and renewable energy.

The installation of solar panels will not only significantly reduce our carbon footprint, but will also

help us improve the energy efficiency of our operations.


This project is a reflection of our continued commitment to the environment and sustainability,

values ​​that we consider fundamental for the future of our company and the planet.

Key Project Benefits:

• Clean and Renewable Energy: Solar panels will allow us to generate a significant part

of the energy we need from a clean and renewable source.

• Reduction of CO2 Emissions: By reducing our dependence on fossil energy sources,

we will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, aligning ourselves with the climate objectives

of the European Union.

• Energy Efficiency: The implementation of this advanced technology will optimize

the energy consumption of our facilities, reducing long-term operating costs.

• Commitment to Sustainability: This project reaffirms our commitment to sustainable

and responsible business practices.

Project summary:

• Beneficiary: Bodegas Don Quijote, S.A.

• Component: Renewable energy generation

• Power (Kw): 366.24

Next Generation EU funds represent an opportunity to boost the ecological and digital

transformation of European companies. With this grant, Bodegas Don Quijote contributes

to the development of a more sustainable future for all.

We thank everyone involved, our employees, suppliers, farmers and customers for their

continued support. Together, we continue to move towards a greener and more sustainable future.